Fiuu Fiuu Spa & Store is my favourite place for relaxation. I especially enjoy Natura Bisse treatments and rituals for face and body and amazing massages. They take the best care of me here!
Thank you, Iza Kuna

Fiuu Fiuu Day Spa - Salon Kosmetyczny

Best beauty place!

In the heart of Warsaw, in the beautiful old townhouse on Mokotowska 48 Street you can find one of the most luxurious beauty salons in Poland - Fiuu Fiuu Spa & Store.

In this elegant space we have created an innovative concept – spa & store which is a professional beauty salon and special shopping and testing zone – all in one.

Here you can benefit from professional treatments conducted by great therapists or try and choose the best home care products – our experts are here to support you.

In Fiuu Fiuu Spa & Store we work with the best global aesthetic brands which are rewarded worldwide for the highest value, effectiveness and safety.


In Fiuu Fiuu Spa & Store we also organize skincare workshops and beauty events for small groups. This unique salon is a great meeting place for everyone who wants to take care of his inner and outer beauty.



face & body treatments * aesthetic medicine * massage * endermology* manicure & pedicure rituals * make-up *

beauty workshops * boutique with niche brands of cosmetics & scents * exclusive vouchers * events


Beautiful from head to toe?

We advise you to start in a different way. Our beauty salon specializes in advanced face treatments developed by the best professional brands - ERICSON LABORATOIRE and Natura Bisse. Taking the best from the experience of the world most innovative beauty brands we can offer you treatments with effectiveness comparable to invasive aesthetic medicine procedures. During consultation with professional cosmetologist you will choose and plan the most effective treatments for your skin.

But skin is more than just a face. Your body also requires a perfect dose of professional care. We consider pampering and deep relaxation as a short definition of the whole range of massages and body treatments menu. All of them will help you to keep your body in a perfect condition. In our menu you will also find a whole range of classic beauty treatments which are “must-haves” procedures for modern women – e.g. wax depilation with high-quality products made by Depileve.

Final touch!

Sophisticated treatments for face and body which help your skin look young and fresh are not the only part of our menu. In Fiuu Fiuu Spa & Store you can also find some instant beauty treatments like manicure and pedicure which are conducted by beauticians using the highest quality American brands – OPI and Artistic Nail Design.

And last but not least we can also offer you a great make-up made with vegan make-up brand – EMANI. It’s worth trying even if you are not going on the red carpet this evening. Entering Fiuu Fiuu Spa & Store you can be 100% sure that you will receive comprehensive approach to all your beauty concerns and professional care, we are also appreciated for our kindness and discretion. After some time spent in our place you feel relaxed, pampered and beautiful. What are you waiting for? Come and visit us! 

Face & body treatments menu


Supreme test DHEAge (up to 90 minutes) 420 PLN
Lifting, anti-aging and pro-hormonal treatment with DHEA precursor - for mature skin
Genxskin (up to 90 minutes) 420 PLN
Stimulation of 14 genes responsible for skin density, elasticity and firmness
Slim Face Lift (up to 90 minutes) 450 PLN
Intensive lifting treatment that sculptures the face contour
Meso Vit (up to 90 minutes) 390 PLN
Vitamin booster, revitalizing and firming treatment – alternative for mesotherapy treatments
Fresh Caviar (up to 90 minutes) 400 PLN
Treatment based on fresh black caviar – regenerates and calms the skin
Skinjection (up to 90 minutes) 450 PLN
Relaxes face mimic muscles, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, firms the skin – alternative for botox injections
Hydra Clinic (up to 90 minutes) 370PLN
Deep and long-term hydration, regeneration of skin hydro-lipid barrier
Feminity (up to 90 minutes) 360 PLN
Stimulation of stem cells, anti-aging prevention, hydration, nutrition and calming effect
Enzymacid (up to 90 minutes) 360 PLN
Stimulation of exfoliation process, works on lack of elasticity, hyperpigmentation and scars
Bio Pure (up to 90 minutes) 370 PLN
Powerful treatment which oxygenates, detoxifies and energizes the skin
Perfection (up to 90 minutes) 390 PLN
Regulates the pigmentation process, reduces hyperpigmentation spots, evens out the skin tone
Bio Optic (up to 40 minutes) 190 PLN
Efficient eye-zone regeneration
Acti Biotic (up to 90 minutes) 320 PLN
Brings back the comfort to oily and mixed skin
Acti Biotic with manual face cleansing (up to 120 minutes) 350 PLN
Brings back the comfort to oily and mixed skin


Osmo Thermy (up to 60 minutes) 340 PLN
Intensive body treatment with essential oils and Guarande salt.
Morpho Bust (up to 40 minutes) 280 PLN
Firming and lifting bust treatment
Slim & Lift (up to 90 minutes) 380 PLN
Complex treatment for the whole body with intensive firming and slimming effect
Cellulit Vib (up to 60 minutes) 340 PLN
Anticellulite treatment which reduces fat tissue
Dietetik (up to 90 minutes) 390 PLN
Intensive slimming and anti-cellulite treatment
Enzymacid Body (up 45 minutes) 310 PLN
Exfoliating, regenerating and smoothing body treatment
Enzymacid Body part (up to 30 minutes) 120 - 210 PLN
*for chosen part of the body (bikini, calves, back, whole legs)


Carboxi - Express (up to 30 minutes) 330 PLN
Express, 3-phase exfoliation with carboxytherapy
O2 Relax (up to 60 minutes) 450 PLN
Oxygenating and hydrating treatment which destresses the skin and gives it a healthy glow
Citrus Essence (up to 60 minutes) 480 PLN
Citrus ritual with a pinch of aromatherapy – a prefect dose of vitamin C at all skin levels
3D Collagen Shock (up to 60 minutes) 500 PLN
Face firming and remodelling based on 3 types of collagen – 3 times higher skin density
Skin Comfort (up to 60 minutes) 480 PLN
Calming, firming and anti-inflammatory treatment even for the most sensitive skin
Diamond Experience (up to 90 minutes) 790 PLN
Luxurious anti-aging treatment based on innovative technology which controls 4 skin aging biomarkers


Diamond Rose 550 PLN
Smoothing and intensively nourishing body treatment with damascene rose, diamond dust and gold


Oxybrasion (up to 30 minutes) 250 PLN
Oxybrasion duing other treatment (up to 15 minutes) 150 PLN
Microdermabrasion - face (up to 15 minutes) 160 PLN
Microdermabrasion during other treatment (up to 15 minutes) 110 PLN
Microdermabrasion (up to 35 minutes) 250 PLN
Face + neck + mask
Microdermabrasion - back (up to 30 minutes) 290 PLN
Cavitation peeling 110 PLN
Cavitation peeling during other treatment 70 PLN
Face massage 100 PLN
Manual face cleansing during other treatment 50 PLN
EyeSPA 100 PLN
eyebrow styling, mini treatment for eye zone and massage
Eyebrow tint 30 PLN
Lash tint 40 PLN
Brow shaping 20 PLN
Lash and brow tint with brow shaping 80 PLN
Brow shaping during face treatment GRATIS


Fiuu Fiuu Massage (up to 60 minutes) 300 PLN
Our signature massage with sketches of Chinese water and air signs will make you feel like in heaven
Classic massage (45/60/90 minutes) 150/180/210 PLN
Stimulates blood and lymph flow and serotonin secretion
Deep tissue massage (60/90 minutes) 200/250 PLN
Light and slowly performed muscles and fascia massage
Lymphatic drainage (60 - 90 minutes) 280 PLN
Stimulates lymph flow, reduces body circuits
Healthy body massage (60 minutes) 220 PLN
Healing massage that reduces pain and body dysfunctions
Relaxing massage (60 minutes) 250 PLN
Anti-stress and anti-tension massage combines different massage techniques
Lomi Lomi massage (60 minutes) 350 PLN
Improves energy flow in the body and ensures wellbeing
Foot massage (30 minutes) 120 PLN
Brings back the feeling of comfort and relax
Dry massage (60 minutes) 200 PLN
Performed through a piece of cloth or towel, recommended for those who don’t like oils, includes parts of the medical massage
Hot stones massage (60 minutes) 250 PLN
Relaxes tissues, calms down and soothes the nervous system; eases pain but is mostly recommended as a relaxation massage
Sport massage (60 minutes) 220 PLN
Prepares muscles for physical effort and relieves tension, also it is a form of physical rejuvenation for everyone who engage in sports
Bamboo massage (60 minutes) 220 PLN
Performer with bamboo canes; drains, shapes and relieves the muscle tension


Face treatment (up to 20 minutes) 140 PLN
10 face treatments package 1200 PLN
Body treatment (up to 35 minutes) 150 PLN
* a costume is required for the procedure 100 PLN
10 body treatment package 1400 PLN
*costume gratis

Manicure, pedicure and wax treatments


Manicure with nail polish 70 PLN
French manicure 80 PLN
Manicure with conditioner 65 PLN
Manicure for man 60 PLN
File & nail polish 30 PLN
Manicure Gel Color/Colour Gloss 140 PLN
Manicure Gel Color/Colour Gloss French 150 PLN
Manicure SPA 90 PLN
peeling, mask, massage
Manicure with paraffin treatment 100 PLN
Paraffin treatment - hands 60 PLN
Gel color/Colour Gloss 80 PLN
Gel color/Colour Gloss removal and Gel Break application 30 PLN
Gel nails 200 PLN
Gel nails with Gel Color/Colour Gloss 250 PLN
Gel nails fill in 150 PLN
Gel nails fill in with Gel color/Colour Gloss 200 PLN
Gel nails removal 45 PLN
Fixing one nail 25 PLN


Pedicure with nail polish 130 PLN
French pedicure 140 PLN
Pedicure without nail polish 120 PLN
Men’s pedicure 120 PLN
Medical Pedicure 150 PLN
Pedicure Gel color 190 PLN
Pedicure Gel color French 200 PLN
Pedicure SPA 140 PLN
peeling, mask, massage
Pedicure with paraffin treatment 160 PLN
Paraffin treatment for feet 70 PLN
Gel color removal with Gel Break application 35 PLN
Fixing one nail 30 PLN


Set with nail polish 200 PLN
Set without nail polish 180 PLN
French set 210 PLN
Gel color set 320 PLN
Gel color French set 330 PLN
Men’s set 180 PLN


Pedicare (up to 45 minutes) 150 PLN
Professional treatment for feet based on products with glycolic acid and enzymes
Pedicare (up to 75 minutes) 210 PLN
With removing the cuticles, without nail polish application
Pedicare (up to 90 minutes) 240 PLN
With removing the cuticles and application of nail polish
Pedicare (up to 120 minutes) 290 PLN
With removing the cuticles and Gel color


Day make-up 200 PLN
Evening make-up 250 PLN
Trial weeding make-up 250 PLN
Wedding make-up 300 PLN


Lash extension Kim Camellia application 290 PLN
Lash Kim Camellia - filling 220 PLN
Lash extension 1:1 method application 200 PLN
Lash extension 1:1 method – filling 150 PLN
Lash extension 2-3D method application 250 PLN
Lash extension 2-3D method - filling 200 PLN
Lash extension 4-5D method application 290PLN
Lash extension 4-5D method - filling 220 PLN


Full legs 140 PLN
Calves 80 PLN
Thighs 90 PLN
Classic bikini 90 PLN
Brazilian bikini 130 PLN
Under-arm 60 PLN
Upper lip/chin 40 PLN
Brows 30 PLN
Hands 70 PLN
Back 120 PLN



Consultation 100 PLN
Botox - 1 area 500 - 600 PLN
Botox - 2 areas 950 PLN
Botox – whole face 1200 PLN
Brow lift 500 - 600 PLN
Smoker’s lines 450 PLN
Bruxism therapy, face modelling 900 PLN
Lips filling 1000 - 1200 PLN
Lips revitalisation 700 PLN
Lips revitalisation 1600 PLN
Volumetry and face modelling - 1 ampoule 1200 PLN
*Juvederm Voluma
Volumetry and face modelling - 2 ampoules 2200 PLN
*Juvederm Voluma
Plasma Face Lift - PRP 1200 PLN
Hyperhidrosis 1500 PLN
Under-arm, feet, hands
Hyaluronic acid from 700 PLN
Hyaluronic acid 1200 PLN
* Juvederm Volift, Volbella, Voluma
Radiesse 1500 PLN
Dermapen - face, 1 treatment 650 PLN
Dermapen - face, 3 treatments 1500 PLN
Dermapen - face, neck, décolleté 1400 PLN
Thread Lift 500 PLN
1 thread
Aqualyx 400 PLN
1 ampoule
Mesotherapy - face 500 - 600 PLN
Juvederm Volite - 1 ampoule 1500 PLN
Juvederm Volite - 2 ampoule 2500 PLN
Linerase - 1 ampule (face, neck, décolleté) 1200 PLN


Master Class - beauty meetings

Exceptional meetings - learn your beauty routine from a Beauty Expert. It is a low-key meeting formula for 6 to 8 people. Each participant has a complete beauty set at her disposal. A private-party like event is topped with finger food and Prosecco. We guarantee a lot of fun combines with learning experience. It is a recipe for relaxation, that can be shared with your friends or coworkers.

Beauty Days at Fiuu Fiuu

„Beauty Days” for groups are our specialty! There is a million reasons to spend few hours at Fiuu Fiuu while enjoying the selection of treatments from our menu. Our team provides an excellent service through your entire visit. This is THE place where friends, lovers, colleagues, brides and their bridesmaids meet! We decorate the venue and provide both catering and additional services upon request. Have a beautiful time with us!

Corporate events

A beautiful Deception area is a perfect venue for a small group (up to 30 pax) meetings with a board or theatre type setup. We provide the full range of services, that includes catering, flowers, AV equipment. A professional photographer and cameraman can be provided upon request. It is a perfect spot to organize a variety of meetings – business ones, product launches, bloggers meetings and many others.

Let us get in touch!

Monika Król Marketing & PR Manager Fiuu Fiuu Spa & Store E-mail: Tel. 608 479 000

Oferta Fiuu Fiuu Day SPA



Już wkrótce Święta Bożego Narodzenia i Sylwester. W tych szczególnych dniach chcemy wyglądać zjawiskowo. Eksperci salonu Fiuu Fiuu Spa & Store  przygotowali dla Ciebie wyjątkowe programy pielęgnacyjne, które w krótkim czasie odmienią Twoje oblicze i przygotują Cię na wyjątkowe chwile. Każdy pakiet to kompozycja esencjonalnych, intensywnie działających i skutecznych zabiegów na twarz i ciało gwarantujących zniewalające efekty!

Na ten szczególny czas każdy pakiet jest w specjalnej cenie, a wartością dodaną są Vouchery na dodatkowe zabiegi! (more…)

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Fiuu Fiuu Spa & Store poszerzyło swoje portfolio o zabiegi MEDYCYNY ESTETYCZNEJ. Do naszego zespołu dołączył Piotr Turkowski, lekarz medycyny estetycznej i kosmetolog.

Pragniemy zapewnić naszym klientom kompleksowe usługi upiększające. Kosmetyka profesjonalna i medycyna estetyczna powinny się uzupełniać i stanowić podstawę codziennego dbania o skórę. W naszym salonie gwarantujemy najwyższą jakość usług i fachowe doradztwo w każdej z tych dziedzin.

Pamiętajmy, że decydując się na inwazyjne metody poprawiania urody, nie możemy zapominać o specjalistycznych zabiegach kosmetycznych, które dbają o skórę w trakcie, a także po zabiegach medycyny estetycznej.  Duet lekarz i kosmetyczka zadbają o Twoją skórę w sposób najwłaściwszy. (more…)

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